Literacy Narrative, part 1. Reflection

My Literacy Narrative focuses on how I was growing up and loving (and at one point even hating) to read. I tried to describe every single thought in my head as clearly as possible. However, at some moments it seemed hard to transfer them into this essay. I decided to use the freewriting exercise and it made the process of writing this narrative much easier and faster due to the fact, that I was forming my essay by putting together all these pieces created separately (answers to the questions from freewriting exercise) into one big picture. When I finished writing the essay and began adding the picture that I took during the winter break when I went back home, I started reading my narrative again from the beginning and came to the conclusion, that what seemed difficult to start turned out to be an enjoyable and great experience.


1 thought on “Literacy Narrative, part 1. Reflection”

  1. The controlling idea of your essay was how your relationship with reading and writing developed from loving it as a child, to hating it in high school, and then to recently beginning to enjoy reading again.

    For me, the most interesting point that you made was that your school killed the aspiring reader in you. This is something that I can really sympathize with, as I felt that I had the same experience in high school. I find it counterproductive that traditional literature classes take all of the joy out of reading.

    I wish you had talked more about the books that you enjoyed reading over the Summer. In your second paragraph, you talk about the joy you felt when holding your favorite book – I would also like to know what book this was.

    As alluded to earlier, we both had a similar experience in high school. This is when we both transitioned from loving, to hating reading. Another similarity was that our parents read to us a children, and this contributed to a love of reading and writing at a young age.

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