Someone ate too many cookies​…

In the beginning, I had no idea what I really want to use as the key object for this assignment. I took a look around me and still was confused and worried due to the fact, that I did not know what to draw and what to use as a completing element. Then, I decided to drink some tea and eat cookies to relax a little bit and come back to this assignment after my short break. When I took the cookies out of their bag, I put them on the paper in random position and suddenly noticed that it can be transferred into a head of an animal. The idea just came to my head and I decided to immediately realize it. Overall, the drawing is very simple and, in my opinion, it can represent a pig who feels guilty for eating a lot of cookies and still wanting to eat more. Additionally, I chose this bubble to insert my name because I wanted to add at least one comics-related detail.

(Photo: by me)


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