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Research question: How good I am in improving myself?

Results: Not good.

For this assignment I decided to track how many times I do the things that I promised myself to stop doing or, on the contrary, to do more often. For example, I know that I rarely get at least 9 hours of sleep per night and this was one aspect that I tried to improve. However, the tracking showed that in ten days I had only three days when I slept at least 9 hours. Another thing that I wanted to improve was to make it a tradition to read for myself, not only for my classes. I tried to read every day before going to sleep; however, as you can see, I had only four days of following this “tradition” due to being tired and sleepy at the end of almost every day. And finally, the last aspect that I wanted to improve is to facetime my family more often. I know that because of the big time difference it is almost impossible to talk to them every day but I feel that I call them via facetime only once a week, which is not good. I tried to call them at least every two days but I failed to do so due to various reasons. Therefore, nothing changed and I talked to them only twice during these ten days of tracking.

The two habits that I wanted to make myself stop doing were drinking more than five cups of tea per day and listening to music every day for at least an hour. The first habit, which is drinking too much tea, is extremely hard for me to stop because I am a huge tea fan. During these ten days, I had eight days of drinking 5+ cups tea, which is not good. The second thing which is listening to music is the most difficult to improve. I listen to music. Every day. A LOT. And sometimes it is very distracting. Therefore, I tried to limit myself to only 20 mins of music every day, however, I failed to do so.

This assignment was extremely helpful to see how bad I am in improving myself, which, as I think, will force me to actually start doing something to achieve my goals, that I failed to achieve during these ten days of tracking.

For this assignment I used Infogram. You can also access my graph here.

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