Mapping Spinning Reflection

For this assignment, I decided to map the book by counting the number of pages with yellow elements. In the book we see that the author used white and purple to illustrate everything; however, on some pages, there are either yellow elements or the whole page is yellow. The use of this color may be a sign of some important event in her life, good memories, or even just light in the room. When I was reading I thought that she used yellow to show only all of the happy moments. However, while I was going over all the pages again for this assignment I noticed that there may be various reasons for using yellow elements. Therefore, as it was mysterious, at least for me, how in some chapters there can be more than ten yellow pages, while in the other chapters there are only three, I decided to focus mainly on this fact. When I started counting all the yellow pages in the book I realized that I have no idea how to visually represent it. After visiting Infogram, I decided to choose this chart as it is the best way to illustrate my assignment.

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