The situations are not under Vladek’s control

As we can observe on the Poisonous decision page, Tosha hears about Germans coming to evacuate everyone and take them to Auschwitz, she panics and thinks about gas chambers. As she always carried poison around her neck, she decides to kill herself and the three children, among which there was Richieu. Tosha gave poison to them and they died without being evacuated and going to gas chambers. Vladek heard about it much later than it happened. It is hard to imagine what he felt because this is a huge tragedy for a person to lose his child. Realizing that this situation was not under his control makes it even harder.

As it can be seen in the Prisoner on the hell planet page, Vladek comes home and finds his wife’s dead body in the bathroom. He sees her blood all over the floor and Anja lying there dead, he just stops there and experiences fear, shock, and panic at the same time. Vladek realizes that the situation is not under his control due to the fact that she committed a suicide. Here, he loses the second person from his family, which leaves him in a deeper tragedy. The love of his life killed herself without even leaving a note. Finding himself helpless and powerless in both of the losses makes it unbearable to suffer.


Snapseed 2