Two major losses in Vladek’s life

In the Poisonous decision page, Art asks Vladek to tell him the story of Richieu’s death. Vladek tells him the story of how Tosha, who took Richieu with her to keep him safe heard about extremely dangerous situation around and how the Germans are moving people to Auschwitz, which meant that they all will to gas chambers and, consequently, die there and decided to kill herself and the three children living with her to escape the death in the gas chambers in Auschwitz. When she killed them, she killed Vladek’s the only child at that time, leaving him without the sweetest piece of his family but she did it to save them from the death full of pain. However, losing his son made him broken inside and became a major tragedy in his and Anja’s life.

In the Prisoner on the hell planet page, we can see the comic page drawn by Art a long time ago, in which he describes the suicide of his mother. When Vladek came home one day, he entered the bathroom and saw the love of his life lying there dead and bleeding out. He was standing in her blood and was in a panic. This was the second major loss in his life. Losing his son and then his wife, even though this was not right after the first loss, it still made it unbearable for him to live with. He lives the rest of his life grieving because of losing Richieu and Anja, even though he had Vladek and he got married to Mala, it still did not lessen the pain.

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