For my avatar image, I decided to create a picture that would represent me in this class. I did not know whether I want it to be my real photo or a drawing. After a long time of thinking about it, I finally found a solution to my problem in the idea of creating something in between. In other words, I wanted to make my photograph look like a drawing. I picked my photo and made it more “cartoony” via the application called Cartoon Face. Due to the fact, that I wanted this sketch to represent me in the context of this class, I thought that having comics theme as a background would be the best decision. Additionally, using the application called Snapseed, I typed my name in a bubble because, in my opinion, it is an important element of comics.

One of the main difficulties that I faced in creating this badge was the fact, that I did not have any experience with photo editing programs, sketches, badges, and creating anything like this avatar. But we always need to start somewhere and try something new.

Snapseed 2

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